Chemicals in Products

Chemicals in Products


Hazardous chemicals in consumer products are posing an avoidable health risks to consumers, and to workers who are exposed to them within the supply chain, including waste handling. Chemicals of concern include toxic flame retardants, phthalates, vinyl chloride, dioxin, mercury, lead, pesticides and many other hazardous pollutants and known carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive and development toxicants and endocrine disrupting chemicals. HEJSupport Co-Director Olga Speranskaya is active in the steering committee of the SAICM chemicals in products programme and the UN Environemt 10 YFP on Sustainable Consumption and Production. Alexandra Caterbow, Co-Director of HEJSupport, is the NGO representative in the chemicals working group of the German Textile Alliance. HEJSupport advocates for toxic-free products, and the implementation of the right to know and the precautionary principle.

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  • New Publication: Guidance to the Chemicals in Products (CiP) Programme for NGOs 07.02.2018 - HEJSupport International coauthored "The Guidance to the Chemicals in Products Programme for non-governmental organizations". The Guidance explains the role NGOs should play in the implementation of the Programme which is the only international instrument that provides different options for disclosing information on hazardous chemicals in products.

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Written by Heinrich Blank

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